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Ekome Studio
started as an idea to create sustainable products back in 2016.

Clothing, however, is our area of expertise. So it made sense to create an organic urban clothing brand that was able to combine organic cotton, natural dyes and that worked mainly with artisans.

We moved back from Barcelona to Auroville, India in order to be closer to the artisans and understand their processes and particular situations, in order to also provide better service to our clients and reduce costs that would not affect the artisans.

Urban Artisans

We shout out loud their names and their voices.
And their needs and complaints.

The artisans we work with are very important to us.
We have been working with some of them for many years.
This is why we created the Urban Artisans Project to enclose all the artisans we know and show their stories.

Therefore, we invite you to know some of them here.



One of the things we mainly want to avoid are chemicals on our products.
This is why we use only organic cotton for our fabrics and natural dyes for our dyeing processes.
And we also try to avoid polyester thread and chemical printing.



We take pride in a long-term relationship with our fabric suppliers.
Vintage Loom fabric from family weavers in Andhra Pradesh
Auto Loom tight weave fabric from our long-term friends in Tamil Nadu.

We are opened to work with many kinds of fabrics, but specially with organic cotton. We will also be introducing khadi cotton, hamsa silk and nettle.