Washing indications.
And other questions you might have about our process.
Don’t be afraid to ask more and we will include your questions here.



Do you use any chemicals in your process?

The only chemical used in our dyeing is the mordant, in our particular case, Alum, needed for all colours except Indigo. This chemical, however, is neutralized so it does not affect the environment. Other chemicals can be found in the stitching thread of some of the garments, as we do not garment dye all the pieces.


Which plants are used for each colour?

We do not only use plants, like Indigofera tinctorea or Myrobalan, but we also use iron salts which is a mineral. For more information on our colours go to Colours Zest.


Can you wash your clothes on the washing machine?

Yes. You can wash your clothes on the washing machine in cold temperature and a gentle cycle to make the colour last longer and protect your clothing.


Can I use any soap?

Use a pH neutral soap, whether you wash by hand or with a washing machine.


Can I put my clothes in the dryer?

You can but we do not recommend. If you really have to, put a very gentle cycle take out the excess water, and finish drying out in the open.


Can I take these clothes to the dry cleaner?

Super NO. We never know what products are being used in the dry cleaner, and they can mess up your colours badly.


Any other special cares I need to know about?

First wash always do in similar colours. And wash, dry and iron your clothes inside out. This is good advice for any garment.


Is it normal there is so much colour variation?

We work with artisans that have more than 20 years experience and try to avoid colour variation. However, it is a hand process, and each piece is unique. Colour variation, patchiness and other effects are possible.


How long will the colour last?

There is no way we can estimate how much the colour will last per garment as each piece is dyed by hand. It will also depend on the usage, whether you follow the washing indications, the quality of the air and water.


I see dark stains in the clothes I bought. Is this normal?

You can see darker stains in our greys and blacks. As our artisans use iron salts in a manual process some salts may not dissolve at the same speed as others thus creating these effects in the garment.


Can I combine your clothes with white or will it stain them?

You can combine them though some colour transfer might occur through rubbing. However, the colour will go away in the next wash.


Your Fit


How can I be sure your Chinos will fit my legs?

Our Classic Chinos are tailored for men with athletic legs, so they are bit tight through the thigh. However, we have tried to not make them too tight so it can fit properly in a larger variety of legs.
Check the specs before you venture into ordering.


How do I know my shirt size?

You can check the measurement chart of each garment. Our Classic shirt is to provide a loose fit all over the place, but it can also give a tight fit. So it depends what kind of look is your style.
We suggest you take your measurement tape and size your chest around the widest part. If you are a 40 and want a tight fit, then you need an S, a 42 an M, a 44 an L and a 46 an XL. If you want a loose fit, then choose one size more. However, in this case there is a risk you end up with a shirt that feels too big.
You can always compare with a shirt that you feel comfortable with.


How do your shirts fit?

We like our shirts untucked, so the tail length is slightly shorter than usual, but it can still be tucked if you don’t wear your pants too low. We will be working on different styles on the future.
We suggest you take a good look at the measurement chart of each garments before you make any purchase. And if you have any doubts you can always ask us via email.


The Laboratory


What is the Laboratory?

The Laboratory is where we experiment with new designs, fabrics and techniques.


How does it work?

It is basically a crowdfunding solution for products where we show you new collections. A product is available for crowd funding for a month. In that time you can place an order for any item at a price you will not find at shops. Once production starts, ou will not be able to purchase that product at the discounted price. Initially only products that reach their funding goal will be produced.


Why should I participate?

Well firstly because you get an awesome discount. Secondly, because you help us bring new products to life, ensuring work to the artisans we work with. Each item is related to one of our projects, so you can know who is making your clothes.


How long does it take to deliver products?

We work slow as we do not like to put any pressure on the artisans that produce our garments. Because we produce in India only, there are a wide variety of causes that can delay a production. From monsoon, to a festival to a wedding. Any of these reasons can delay the production even a month.
However, we do include an estimated shipping date when purchasing a product which is generally of to 10 weeks. If any delay happens, we would definitely get in touch with you to update you on the status.


When am I actually billed?

We’ll charge your card upon checkout.


What happens if a product doesn’t reach its goal?

In case a product doesn’t reach it’s goal, we might still want to fund it. However, if we do not fund it, we will get in touch with you for a full refund.


Can I just wait for the product to land at retail?

Definitely, however there is no guarantee the product will be available on retail.




How will my order be shipped?

All domestic Indian orders for in-stock items are shipped free of charge via India Post Registered Service. Please allow two business days to fulfill and issue you a tracking number. In case of any delays, we will get in touch with you. Once you receive your tracking number, you should expect your package within 7-10 business days.


How do you handle international orders?

We ship to anywhere outside India for a $7 flat rate (depending on exchange rate), exclusive of taxes, duties, and customs fees. All international packages are sent via India Post International Registered Service. All international packages are traceable. Delivery time is subject to distance, duties and customs. We cannot guarantee a delivery date, so we advise that you track your package along the way.




What is your return policy?

You can return an item for a full refund or store credit within 5 days of having received it. There are some exceptions, though. Just make sure it’s the right fit. Keep in mind that anything you return needs to be in re-sellable condition (unworn, unwashed, unaltered).


How do I make an exchange or return, and how long is the process?

To make an exchange or return, please email us to start the process. We want to dress you up slow, but we want it to be easy as well.
Return shipping is free within India. If you’re returning from overseas, we can’t cover that cost, so we need you to do it. Please send your item(s) back to Ekome Studio, Horizon, Auroshilpam, Auroville, 605101, Tamil Nadu, India.
Please allow 5 business days to process an exchange or return. A refund to your credit card may take up to five days to be credited to your statement, depending on your bank.


Can I return an item for store credit?

If you would like store credit, please indicate “store credit” when you submit your request for a return. We will issue your store credit code that will be sent to you via email.