Garment Care

Each colour is unique.
Learn how to take care of each piece of garment.

General Instructions

  • Wash, dry and iron INSIDE-OUT
  • First washes with similar colour
  • Cold wash
  • pH Neutral soap
  • Tumble dry low or shadow hang-dry
  • Do NOT dry clean
  • Avoid acid stains such as vinergar or lemon
  • Colour will change with time
IndigoClassic Shirt, River Chinos, Pocket T-shirt, Yoke T-shirt, Light Belt, Slim TieIndigo tends to rub on skin and lighter garments. Don't worry, it will wash off after washing. However, if you want to avoid this, wash by hand a couple of times in slightly warm water before wearing until bleeding stops. Always wash with neutral pH soap in similar colours. Tumble dry low or hang dry in the shadow to extend the life of your garment.
Black & GreysClassic Shirt, Zest Shorts, Pocket T-shirt, Yoke T-shirt, Light BeltIron bathed garments will get nasty brown stains if touched with acid components such as vinegar or lemon. With time colour will tend to fade into a brownish rusty look. So wash in cold water with neutral pH soap and dry in the shadow to extend the life of the colour.
YellowZest ShortsTerminalia chebula garments tend to get darker with sunlight. Wash with neutral pH soap in cold water, tumble dry low, or even better, hang dry in the shadow.