The Classic Shirt

in Dark Indigo Checks Shibori






Dark Indigo Classic Shibori Shirt dyed in natural fermented Indigo pots. Each pot in buried in the ground leaving only the opening visible. Because the opening of each pot is not very big, each piece has to be dyed manually one at a time. Which makes each piece different.

For the Shibori pattern the white fabric was machine stitched one line at a time before it could be dyed in Indigo. After dyeing and washing, a group of ladies joined together to take out the thread. With precision so the fabric would not get spoiled in the process.

A truly hand-made shirt!


Our fabrics are carefully selected to ensure a responsible manufacturing that is socially empowering. This shirt has been produced with Tamil Nadu medium staple organic cotton and woven by family weavers in the region of Nagiri, border between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The warp is done by hand by women in the family, while weaving is done in shuttle looms.


  • 40’s vintage loom organic cotton
  • Fermented natural Indigo
  • Machine stitched Shibori
  • Unstitched Shibori by hand
  • Selvedge cut
  • Black pearl shell buttons
  • Wash cold / Do not tumble dry
  • First wash with similar colours
  • Use neutral pH soap
  • Do not dry clean
  • Made by Artisans of India
  • Barcelona born designer