The art of Block Printing

100% Organic Dyes

Following our commitment to sustainability and helping artisanal workshops, we tied up with a family of printers experts in Natural Dyes. If block printing is already a complicated task, doing so using pigments extracted from plants and minerals is even more so.

The main difficulties arise

3 Colour Print

Organic Pigments

In order to print with organic pigments, first we need to dye the fabric using “Harda“, also know as Myrobalan. The tannin acid in the flower will procure a stronger fastness to the print. For the print, we have chosen a combination of grey, yellow and red. Each obtained from different sources. Grey is obtained from fermented iron. On the other hand, yellow is again obtained from Myrobalan flower and red from ….

The Design

We decided our print design would fit better our Concrete Shirt, as it is a slimmer fit. The print is a traditional Gujarati print from western India.

This design involves the making of 3 different blocks, each one taking 4 to 5 hours to carve in wood. Once carved it needs to be protected by submerging it in a specific oil during a day.

Printing becomes tricky with 3 blocks as the printed has to manually place the block in the right position. Sometimes it is not perfect, but its imperfection adds to the character of the design.

Because we are doing very small productions, our t-shirts are stitched at the sampling unit of a GOTS and Fair Trade certified company.