Since 2016

100% Organic Cotton

Our main objective when we started was to create a clothing brand that would leave as little impact as possible. Minimize our ecological footprint to the minimum. In the spirit of that objective, we chose organic cotton as our main fiber. And committed to dyeing all our garments using organic dyes (aka natural or vegetables dyes).

However, concerned about being 100% sustainable we stitched all our t-shirts using undyed cotton thread. So that, if recycled, the garment would provide a 100% cotton fiber within the recycling processing. If thrown away, it would be able to degrade naturally and easily without contaminating our soils and oceans via toxic microfibers.

Cotton stitched

Organic Dyes

Our organic dyes leave very little residue, whether solid or liquid. And for both cases it can be easily disposed of as it is 100% organic and biodegradable. Solid waste is used as compost. And liquid waste can be processed to obtain clean water with simple sifting processes.

The Design

All our t-shirts are designed with the same premise. Be comfortable, loose fit and awesome fabric. After several runs we now have a high quality fabric to last. A dyeing process that guarantees color fastness. And the idea that you can consciously dispose of the garment knowing it can be easily recyclable or biodegraded without toxic emissions or harmful microfibers.

Because we are doing very small productions, our t-shirts are stitched at the sampling unit of a GOTS and Fair Trade certified company.