Curling Pocket

in Iron Grey Melange
100% Organic Cotton & Natural Dyes
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Product description
Comfortable tee in soft organic cotton, ample fit. The Curling tee was designed for the not perfect shaped bod. So you can feel comfortable whether you have a six pack or not.

A 8 oz. tee with a unique melange. The complexity of making this fabric makes this tee a one of a kind.

  • 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Natural dyes by dyers in Gujarat.
  • Expert knitters from Tamil Nadu.
  • 160 gsm Melange Jersey.
  • White cotton thread.
  • Front chest pocket.
  • Wash cold and do not put in dryer.
  • Made in India.

Dyed using mineral dyes. Particularly, fermented Iron was used to dye the yarn into a unique melange. Yarn was after knitted into this one of a kind jersey fabric.

Fabric has been dyed using traditional forms of dyeing with plants and minerals, with Alum as a mordant. However, waste is neutralized and the minimum residue can be used as compost.

To eliminate all chemicals from the product we stitch all our t-shirts with white cotton thread.

Our collections are made in small limited batches.

Washing Instructions
  • Wash, dry and iron INSIDE-OUT
  • First washes with similar colour
  • Cold wash
  • pH Neutral soap
  • Do NOT put in the dryer, instead shadow hang-dry
  • Do NOT dry clean
  • Avoid acid stains such as vinegar or lemon
  • Colour will change with time