Washing indications.
And other questions you might have about our process.
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Why should we pre-order, instead of waiting for the product to be available online?

How long do pre-orders last?

When will my product be ready to ship?

When do I get charged?

What if you do not achieve your goal?


Do you use any chemicals in your process?

Which plants are used for each colour?

Can you wash your clothes on the washing machine?

Can I use any soap?

Can I put my clothes in the dryer?

Can I take these clothes to the dry cleaner?

Any other special cares I need to know about?

Is it normal there is so much colour variation?

How long will the colour last?

I see dark stains in the clothes I bought. Is this normal?

Your Fit

Can I combine your clothes with white or will it stain them?

How can I be sure your Chinos will fit my legs?

How do I know my shirt size?

How do your shirts fit?


How will my order be shipped?

How do you handle international orders?


What is your return policy?

How do I make a return, and how long is the process?

Can I return an item for store credit?

Holiday Exception policy